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Storm kickers hold after 1:1 against Wacker further to coach Vogel

Wacker trainer Karl Daxbacher took a stand for his colleague Heiko Vogel after the 1:1: “I don’t know what to accuse him of after this game.”

Graz – Sturm Graz is still deep in the result crisis. Despite an appealing performance, it was only enough in the 13th round of the Bundesliga against Wacker Innsbruck 1:1. The coach’s chair of Heiko Vogel wobbles after seven compulsory games in series without victory, but the players demonstratively held on Saturday to their coach.

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  • Swiss Super League: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Swiss Cup: 2010, 2012
  • Uhrencup Winner: 2011

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“Play for all who have the SK Storm in their hearts”.

“It’s very bitter that we didn’t reward the coach. We played well, he set us up well and I played a big part in the fact that the victory didn’t come today,” Sturm captain Stefan Hierländer told Sky after the match. “There’s no discussion about coaching in our squad at all. We play for the club, for all those who have the SK Sturm in their hearts and of course for the coach.

This is not the first time that Hierländer and his colleagues have blamed the disappointment on a fatal mix of a lack of luck and incompetence in front of the goal. “One of the two chances I just have to make, then we leave the pitch as winners. I take part of the loss of points on my bonnet,” explained Hierländer. Experienced Fabian Koch, who had shot Sturm into the front with his first goal of the season according to plan, didn’t want to “talk about bad luck“, it was the same every time. “We don’t put these things in at the moment and we can get the goals in the back too easily.”

If you take the game from how many chances we have worked out, you could say that the team looks very intact,” Günter Kreissl also stated. “But I don’t think that in the last eleven Bundesliga rounds – in which we only have one victory – you can only talk about bad luck every time.” The Sports Director, whose relationship with his coach is no longer friction-free, will meet with the Executive Board for a crisis meeting on Sunday. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest the casino industry has to offer then Lively Casino is for you!

A first contact with possible Vogel successors is said to have already taken place. For example, the former Viennese Neustadt trainer and storm icon Roman Mählich will be very popular. Kreissl did not deny this. “It would be disrespectful to discuss names where we do not yet know how to proceed,” Kreissl simply said.

Vogel himself wants to continue fighting for a storm future. “I love my job and am not one to give up. I can say that the relationship between the coaching team and the players is very intact and characterized by more than just mutual respect.”

Being behind as a Wacker wake-up call

Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher has no such concerns after the fourth unbeaten league match in a row. He was happy about an increase in the performance of the tenth in the table, again after a lag. “Whenever we’re about to lose the game, we get better. In some situations, however, we were really lucky,” Daxbacher estimated realistically, also due to two aluminium goals from Sturm director Peter Zulj. The “Trainer-Sir” sympathized with his opponent Heiko Vogel: “I don’t know what to accuse him of after this game.”