No matter what season of the year, electronic music doesn’t rest and since music festivals are one of the most anticipated events for many, you know that this year is going to be filled with good music and nicer vibes, so let’s be informed about every upcoming event in electronic music.

We are FSTVL

One of the most incredible and anticipated music festivals this year is “We are FSTVL” that gives us a theatrical and exciting experience with a good line-up. With headliners such as the DJ Todd Terry you know that “We are FSTVL” is something worth to talk about.


If you are looking for a festival full of bright and with dreamlike displays you should definitely check out “Boomtown” and all the features that it has to offer. Picking up where the last year left up, the fictional town of “Boomtown” rises and brings quality artist such as the famous band “Gorillaz” and the always interesting “Die Antwood”.


A new festival comes to the attention of all travelers that seeks only the best music and entertainment and with sets of DJs charged with emotion and light effects. “Fieldbounce” promises to give all you want, fun and music. Finally, it important to let you know that features like open bar, this electronic music festival will make you feel at the first 20 minutes that you will start a party, on the right foot.