5 Rising Musical Artists that You Should Definitely Check Out in 2018

The world of music is growing more every day, with new people joining the music industry with new genres, new songs, and more. That is why we bring a list of some rising musical artists that you should definitely check out in 2018:

Inga Mauer

It’s an emerging DJ and a producer that is trying to gain more recognition in the music market. From Russia and having released some singles like ‘Metadose’, it has a strong dance style and will be presented in different clubs in Europe to attract more to the public.

Dis Fig

It’s another artist of electronic born in Germany that is attacking with everything in certain theaters and clubs where she has made performances. She also has more than 3000 followers on Instagram and is trying to make her way in this difficult industry.


He is another artist with a strong influence of dance and electronic style. He is also a producer. Recently he has released an EP that is available on some platforms. He has released some singles such as ‘Feelings of Entrophy’ and ‘Spellbound’.

Charlotte de Witte

She is a Belgian artist who is just 26 years old. She has worked with different producers and different music labels, but is still trying to find a stroke of luck that elevates her to the top of music. She has performed in clubs, theaters and even festivals, great festivals like Tomorrowland or Dour, this girl knows what she is doing.

Mama Snake

She is a Danish artist who has performed in different theaters in Europe. Also, she has made some great song releases with a strong electronic sound. Currently she will be presenting in the United States to expand in the music market for more people know her creations.

This 2018 is a new expectation of new people with great talent, some are very original and creative. Without a doubt this people can become influential pieces of the genre of electronic music in the future. Hopefully this list has been very useful and long live music.