The right motivation: Top 3 of gambling songs

In addition to mirrored sunglasses and Capy headphones are part of the basic equipment of a poker player. Listening to gambling music is firstly casual and secondly helps to stay calm and relaxed. For these and other reasons, gambling and music are a perfect match.

A real gambler needs his gambling songs playlist. Boring charts are out of the question, but only the best casino sites and poker songs. Because who is not motivated with The Winner takes it all yet for an All in should hold at the latest after Stefan Raabs Poker hit nothing more on his chair: our Top 10 of the songs about gambling.

#1 The classic by Abba: The Winner Takes It All

The Swedish world stars of the 80s have recognised that gambling is only about one thing: winning. The lyrics, however, describe above all the devotion of the loser to his fate: “I’ve played all my cards, No more ace to play”.

Maybe this song would do some good for hot-blooded players like poker choler Phil Hellmuth. The soft sounds will put you in a state of blissful serenity.

#2 Poker Face – Lady Gaga

It is the gambling song par excellence and probably the unofficial poker anthem. In 2009, the huge success stormed the charts and was the undisputed number one in Germany for a long time. The poker song is mainly about sex and seduction, an area where many protect themselves from injuries with a “poker face”.

#3 That was a crazy Game of Poker – O.A.R

While in many songs about gambling the respective players are taken as a metaphor, this is actually about the most popular card game in the world: Poker. Basically, the poker song is about a protagonist who hurries from poker round to poker round and drinks one glass after the other. This shows the dark side of the game, as the main character has gambled away all his assets, but can’t stop playing and drowns his frustration in alcohol.

A nice reminder that poker can also lead to gambling addiction. Nevertheless, the reggae sounds of the song have a relaxing effect, with which you keep the composure that is so important when playing poker. More gambling facts on